do you ever just start something in photoshop but then just look at it and go like no and close photoshop


Miss Mystic Falls- Caroline Forbes

It’s ‘grieve sex’ and that’s healthy according to Tyler… Or Elena will just start dressing herself in sexier and more provocative clothing. My bet is on DELENA comfort sex. Elena could hardly care anymore about what people will say. SHE JUST LOST JEREMY, HER LAST ATTACHMENT TO HUMANITY. So she could care less now about the sirebond or the cure. She wants Damon and no bond will stop her now.


Question: Anything you can share about this week’s Vampire Diaries? Based on the promo, Elena doesn’t appear to be taking Jeremy’s death well — assuming he is actually dead. —Andy
Ausiello: Let’s just say Elena invents a new stage of grief to cope with her brother’s apparent passing, and it’s hot.

Selena Gomez at the Spring Breakers Premiere in Paris [x]


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